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Canon Service Tool V3600




... where can i find out about all the tools used by ubuntu? sgq: is that what you want? sgq: ubuntu has a page on that !documentation | sgq sgq: documentation is to be found at and - General linux documentation: - Why is my server not running the /etc/init.d/apache2 start? Eagleman: looks like your daemon's not started Eagleman: because it's not Eagleman: how does that run? i have set it to start at boot time with sudo update-rc.d apache2 defaults update-rc.d apache2 start hi all, I was installing ubuntu on my macbook air and it was super easy. i didn't even do the graphics splash screen. anyway, now the screen is flashing between white/black and nothing is displaying. what should I do? Eagleman: what does that mean? what did you do? Hi everyone. My Ubuntu 13.04 computer used to show a very strange error once in a while. A black square on the screen with a white line in the middle. It would stay there for a while, before I would get an error message saying my screen was too cold and a warning to use the battery. Afterwards, the screen would get hot and the screen would be fine. I could just wait a few minutes and it would be fine, no Hw do I fix this? apache2 is not runing? with no start entry in /etc/init.d/? Eagleman: so you have a script with "start on..." stuf somewhere?




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Canon Service Tool V3600

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