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Happy nursery decor ideas

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Pom poms

We have them hanging as decoration, and in a basket for sensory play too.


Because everyone needs a little privacy sometimes.

Patterned curtains

It's great practice for learning different colors and shapes.

Flower power

This could be a live plant, a painting, a floral print blanket, etc.

Familiar faces

Photo wall, or an album of loved ones that you are okay with the baby bending pages, etc.

Natural light

Black out curtains are great for sleep, but natural light is great for playtime!

Cozy carpet

This is where a lot of time is spent, might as well make yourself comfortable.

Warm lighting

Check out this salt lamp that has a dimmer!

Sound machine

Aka your new best friend.

Personalized items

Toy trunk, door names, etc.

Starlight at night

Projector, stick on stars, etc.

A clean space

Not only does it feel less stressful, tidying up together is a healthy routine.


A record player is pretty fun to watch (no screens required!).

Essential oil diffuser

My favorites are lavender and eucalyptus.

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