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20 "me time" ideas

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Because we all need it. #realtalk

1. Take a daily nature walk.

2. Drink lemon water.

3. Put on a face mask.

4. Take a hot detox bath.

5. Write in a journal.

6. Day trip somewhere new.

7. Treat yourself to fresh flowers. Feeling more ambitious? Work in the garden!

8. Cook a meal for yourself. Not feeling like cooking? Take yourself out for a meal instead!

9. Stretch before bed and/or in the morning.

10. Breathe deeply for five minutes.

11. Have that glass of champagne, wine, (or mocktail) by yourself at home.

12. Get your hair done.

13. Let yourself be a (guilt free) homebody for one night.

14. Light a candle and meditate for 15 minutes. Try it lying in bed, on the floor, or in a bath.

15. Take a day off work. Just because!

16. Draw something, whatever comes to mind first, and then keep going.

17. Pick out a new hobby to try learning for a while.

18. Watch a movie.

19. Solo dance party! Turn the lights down and the music up...

20. Refresh and organize an area of your home that has been causing you stress, it will feel great to wake up to a new and improved space the next morning.

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